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To finalise the trade, the scammer asks the seller to forward this extra money to a “shipping company”.

Unwittingly, the seller forwards money direct to the scammer (who promptly disappears).

Typically, scammers post an advertisement on a social media site that reads “click here for a 0 gift card”.

When users follow the link, they’re duped into handing over personal details in exchange for a non-existent voucher.

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How to avoid them: How they work: One online trading scam targets people selling items such as cars via auction.How to avoid them: Phishing is one of the most common types of scam.The name refers to the scammers “phishing” (fishing) for victims by sending official-looking emails.These emails try to trick the recipient into giving their personal details.A common ploy is claiming their account has been compromised and they direct the recipient to a fake, but official-looking, website to “fix” the user’s login details.

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