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I seen a post where a child said how they try practice and they are not noticed.

They feel worthless, their art is not worthy, and they are discouraged because of it.

Nude stuff does creep by every now and then but if you're really that prude, know this: the average child's brain's already developed and thinking for themself by the age of 5.

By 5 I was taking computers apart and putting them back together again.

When my wife and I figured out what she was doing and asked her about it, she told us she was in love with him and that he was the only person who could really understand her...

anything less, and I'd become worried for her). This app promotes stealing and there's no way of reporting and banning accounts. One leader has a doll being ripped apart and blood falling from the dolls limbs head arms.I checked in on her phone activity, but clearly not frequently enough.As soon as she found this app, her phone suddenly was nowhere that I could find it - she began hiding it.I can't tell the timeframe exactly, but she fell in with a crowd that encourages self harm...And then found the anorexic group, giving my young daughter tips on how to be 80 pounds or less..

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