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Connecting on culture, food, social good, tech, music and all the special things you’re interested in-- cool singles that match your interests are an exciting part of your speed dating evening.Please enjoy local flavor and premium beverages while you relax in great company and focus on having a great time.In an effort to improve my attitude about the whole song and dance, I’m trying to focus on the positive aspects of dating and romance, an area of my life I’ve historically neglected.I can only offer up I receive a message from Harry*, who it turns out grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the city where I went to college and a place I am extremely fond of.

Your privacy is highly protected, and you only share what you want others to see on your profile.He seems like a nice Midwestern boy, which, unfortunately, I am a sucker for.My foray back into the Tindersphere takes a turn when I open the app and spy a message from James*.Upon closer inspection, I realize he’s a good friend of someone I had a bizarre rendezvous with not long ago.Leave it to Tinder to make a city like New York feel incredibly small.

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