Most intimidating ground

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Always in competition with River Plate's Estadio Monumental, the Boca Juniors ground just about wins the battle in being the scariest stadium in Argentina.

It's not necessarily the structure of the ground, but more those who occupy the seats that makes the Den one of the most notorious football stadiums to visit in England.

Not the biggest nor the most aesthetically pleasing stadium in Brazil, but Vasco Da Gama's ancient home is simply electric on matchdays and especially when a Rio de Janeiro derby is on the menu.

It's like a gentle Sunday morning stroll down to the newsagents in comparison with trips to our 10 intimidating stadiums from around the world...

With Boca's army of fans in full voice it's a venue that seems, quite literally, to be rocking.

When a stadium is named after a field marshal who was mortally wounded during the Greek war of independence, it's safe to say that there will be some acts of violence in the stands.

Only capable of housing around 32,000 Olympiacos supporters, the Karaiskakis Stadium makes up for it in sheer hostilities, noise and unorthodox fan sequences.

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