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Social networks, and sites dedicated to create romance online have considerably change the dating scene in the past years.

Nowadays, many Aussie singles prefer to use serious dating sites, instead of relying on offline dating, to find a potential partner, but how does the dating culture work overseas, in particular[...] #Video – Find the perfect date on Tinder The matchmaker Tinder was created on May 2011, and since then it has gained over 50 million estimated users around the world.

From the first time people learn about love and romances, they fantasize with the idea of finding someone special with whom to share the rest of their lives with.

Everyone has its own definition of what the perfect partner would be, but it seems that millennial singles clearly know what[...] Dating as Chris Pratt In just a few years, the American performer Chris Pratt has gone from unknown actor to one of the most influential, and desired Hollywood stars.

We are officially in the middle of the so-called “Best season for online dating“. Check out our Dating infographic to discover what singles are attracted to on online dating sites in 2019!

It turns out that traffic on online dating sites is increased by 350% after the[...] Uncovering University Dating University is a great time for discoveries: from new friends to new lovers, many movies have pictures of the fascinating romantic habits that can appear during university times. Discover our monthly infographic about[...] Modern dating – The era of feminist romance Have romance stereotypes changed over the years? The resurgence of the feminist movement has transformed the way singles currently date, and fall in love.

They even tried to their luck looking for a potential match among their[...] Coconut tofu keema with cayenne pepper Check out all our Dating recipes!

Cayenne pepper, the ultimate aphrodisiac spicy You won’t need much to enjoy the benefits of cayenne pepper.

The most romantic time for online dating sites is here!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for couples to get closer and add some passion and magic in their relationship.

For singles,[...] #Video – The Cuffing Season: Dating and love habits during winter Cold weather brings people closer.

The dating world has a lot to offer, but being up to date with the latest dating news some times is tricky.

We propose a new way to keep you informed with a deal of creativity about the latest dating trends.

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