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You can select time frames ranging from one day to one year from the day you started tracking investments.

Just a little while ago, officially launched in Canada.

If you choose monthly budgets, you can check a box to have any unspent or overspent funds for the month rolled to the next month, a feature that can be useful when working with ​variable expenses.

The Goals page is for setting up short-term or long-term savings goals, such as establishing an emergency fund or reducing debt.

My new fidelity signature rewards visa credit card is not uploading my transactions.

As a result, they are not being accounted for in my budget.

Each goal must be tied to one of your accounts, and you can only set one goal per account.

If you're trying to save for multiple goals within one savings account, this feature will not be useful to you.

Types of reports include spending, income, net income, assets, debts, and net worth.

The Ways to Save section shows deals from financial companies—credit card offers, introductions to brokerages, checking accounts, mortgages, and insurance policies—so you can visit this section to find offers specific to your financial needs.

The Bills feature allows you to track all of your bills in the Mint app instead of logging in to multiple sites.

Splitting a transaction among categories is easy as well.

You can also add optional tags to transactions for more detailed financial reports or budgets.

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