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He might never be remembered for his talent on the field, but he was certainly blessed with charisma and personality off the field.Garcia's wife, after all, is Carmella De Cesare, the 2004 Playboy Playmate of the Year and former WWE Derek Jeter could do no wrong.

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If you thought divorcing a hot, younger blonde beauty would have been devastating for Modano, you thought wrong.The New York Yankees legend and future Hall of Famer has an extensive dating history that rivals Alex Rodriguez and has been rumored to send his dates packing with a gift basket, which, if true, might be the most gangster thing anyone has ever done.He has since denied the rumor, but most accept it as true anyway.The couple split up in 2012 and the following year Modano married Allison Micheletti, the daughter of former NHLer Joe Micheletti.Allison is a former professional golfer who happens to be just as hot as Ford and even younger.

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