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You’ve been to several National Matches now, sometimes shooting alongside your dad and brother.How did you get involved in shooting at the National Matches, and what’s it like being able to shoot with your dad (who is also an excellent marksman) and your brother while you’re there?What kind of expectations or goals did you set for yourself coming into the National Matches this year?This was the first summer I had ever worked full-time, and as such it was really tough to find time to practice.

Going back to the 2018 National Matches, you had an incredible showing – a National Record and a number of High Junior honors.I first came to the National Matches when I was in the 9th grade, entering my first match with a beat up old M1 carbine that my grandfather loaned me and earning a gold medal right out of the chute.This experience got me hooked on competitive rifle shooting, and the National Matches have been a yearly occurrence for the Stout family ever since.I just need to force myself to take a deep breath and concentrate on what I’m doing at the moment in order to shoot my best.Now outside of shooting – so, have you always been interested in music? Every 6th grader in our school was required take at least one music class, and most of my friends chose band, so I figured I would just do it for fun.

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