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Police from China, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand cooperated on the Naw investigation but were hampered by the overlapping laws of each country.

In the Global Times interview Liu says he and his counterparts had to respect each of the four countries' laws and customs, which led to at least four separate instances of Naw evading capture.

His comments appear to indicate China now has confidence in its nascent aerial drone and remote guidance programs.

Control of drones is accomplished via sophisticated satellite guidance systems and China has been developing a program of this type, named Beidou (), for the past several years.

Naw was found guilty on all counts and sentenced to death.

Execution of that sentence is currently suspended pending a series of appeals.

As 'journalist' Vijaita Singh could not provide a logical explanation to her claims, an arrogant Singh began to sermon the senior police officer regarding his duties only to get embarrassed by the police officer one more time.Frustrated by a five-month international manhunt that produced no results, Chinese investigators contemplated using an unmanned drone to kill a fugitive drug dealer in Myanmar.The revelation comes from Liu Yuejin (), China's top anti-drug officer, in an interview with news outlet Global Times.too reported on Tuesday that the Manipur police had arrested 10 individuals in connection with two fake Aadhar card manufacturing rackets which were operating in the towns of Moreh and Jiribam.Out of those arrested, nine are believed to be illegal immigrants belonging to Myanmar and another arrested is Paritha Begum – the wife of certain Mohammed Mohideen, who hails from Tamil Nadu.

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