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This technology is updated logic for decoding of fields and forms.If captcha is decoded — this is a half of way to get work done. This problem persist in XRumer, but in version 16.0 it was possible to solve.This is a completely new tool for decoding of graphical captcha.A totally new OCR — system for captcha recognition. At the moment, it can be used only with XRumer 16.0. Last year 2016 was very difficult for more webmasters.

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With major instances, the actual insurance policies is actually delivered to handle loans, a multitude of and in many cases mortgage loans.As usual was made comparative test of both version (new 16.0 and old version 12.0.19).The main difference of previous test, during this comparative test was used 2 different database: https://yadi.sk/d/KW3IXj Vz34n ZX5 Due to limited time and limited database used, the increase of traffic of several thousands of visitors can considered as a pretty well results and distingue this update of all program updates over the past few years.:) i have a few questions and comments if you don\'t mind: Would your free 3d models work on Autodesk Inventor?because thats the only 3d modeling program i have, and know how to use well.

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