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Kuwait continues to exclude thousands of stateless people, known as Bidun, from full citizenship despite their longstanding roots in Kuwaiti territory.

In 2017, Kuwait reportedly deported 76 men on suspicion of being gay.

In January 2017, Kuwait carried out its first executions since 2013, hanging seven people.

Despite recent reforms, migrant workers do not have adequate legal protections, and remain vulnerable to abuse, forced labor, and deportation for minor infractions.

Kuwait has a population of about 100,000 stateless persons, known as Bidun, whose predicament dates to the foundation of the Kuwaiti state.

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In April, a video, apparently filmed by her employer, captured an Ethiopian domestic worker falling from the seventh floor of an apartment building.In October, Kuwait’s Constitutional Court found that an overbroad 2015 law that had required all Kuwaiti citizens and residents to provide DNA samples to authorities violated the right to privacy.The law was introduced after the June 2015 suicide bombing of the Imam Sadiq Mosque.Kuwait is a member of the Saudi-led coalition fighting Houthi-Saleh forces in Yemen, with media reporting that Kuwait had deployed 15 aircraft.Human Rights Watch has documented 87 apparently unlawful coalition attacks in Yemen, some of which may amount to war crimes, yet coalition members have provided insufficient information about the attacks to determine which countries are responsible.

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