Koreans and dating

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They’re most likely not cheating on you, but rather trying to be a good employee and earn that next promotion.If you met a nice guy or girl who happens to be Korean – don’t freak out! Being in an intercultural relationship is all about compromising and give and take.Korea is known for taking its couple culture to the next level: couple clothes, couple shoes, couple rings – Koreans go all out.It’s quite easy to spot who’s dating who walking in any Korean downtown.If your Korean significant other has a decent job, chances are, they’re going to have to attend work dinners or even go on trips with their co-workers.

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Remember my words: Korean Ajummas (older ladies) rule the country.

And with regard to the concern of time in child-rearing, those with children below eight years old are now allowed to work one less hour a day.

It isn’t always easy to find new friends, let alone something on a romantic level when living in another country.

She lived in China for nearly 2 years and is now happy in South Korea, where her fiancé is from.

Besides her great passion traveling, she enjoys great food and photography.

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