Kerio updating problems

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more»I switched from Sonic Wall because, at the time, they did not accurately report the throughput of the router when all of the UTM features were enabled.Also, setting up the traffic rules was not as easy as Kerio Control.more»Kerio is user-friendly, it's flexible, and can be used on different kinds of infrastructure. It monitors, identifies potential problems and it takes actions on a problem. more»The version of Kerio Control that I use is a "not for resale" unit. There is an additional cost for the annual software licensing which depends on which model you have and…more»What I like the most about Kerio is that I can use the software appliance as a solution, so if the hardware fails for any reason then I can quickly replace it with hardware that I have in stock. more»Their support is getting better but still needs improvement.There's a "Default", one for Reverse Proxy, one for Local Authority and one for VPN.The improvement that we are looking for is for when decide to move some part of our application to the cloud.

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Please see It started working in beta 4 and up to the final release.The LDAP replication process failed starting with version 9 Beta 1-3 This is interesting and very important to mention. Or, have you ever added the certificate to your Authorities in Thunderbird? I have the same bug in Thunderbird 10, but concerning only secure LDAP (LDAPS) connections.(Tools/Options/Advanced/Certificates/View Certificates/Authorities). Plain LDAP works fine for me both with Thunderbird 9-th and 10-th versions.Unfortunately, I can not upgrade my Kerio mail server because the license has expired. OK, will migrate my LDAP server to any opensource product. I supposed the reason to be something security-related.LDAP connection broken starting with version 10 and Kerio Connect; fixed in Kerio Connect 7.3.1 patch 2 .... The TB 10.0 LDAPS wasn't fixed with Kerio Connect Patch 2.

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