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His current show — a series of web shorts titled “The Resistance” — is not on cable and was not supposed to exist at all.It began last September as “The Closer”: six- or seven-minute monologues, written and performed by Olbermann and posted twice a week, on You Tube, the web and social media, by GQ magazine.“I think I helped open a door for criticism against Bush and particularly the politicizing of terror in 2005, 2006, 2007,” he told me.These were the years during which Olbermann had a prime-time cable-news show, millions of loyal viewers and a salary to match. During the last week of April, he appeared as a guest on the first episode of “The President Show,” a Comedy Central program hosted by a Trump impersonator. It’s a symbiotic relationship.” It was hard to know quite what to make of the interview — hard to tell how seriously the impersonator was taking Olbermann, and hard to tell how seriously to take Olbermann’s own self-mythologizing — but very easy to recall that “The Resistance” will lose its reason for being the instant Trump’s presidency ends.

It was hard not to wonder what he was trying to accomplish, and what he truly believed.It was expected to end after Election Day, but Trump’s win changed that. 16, one week after Hillary Clinton conceded the election, Olbermann sat down at the desk of a spartan set constructed mostly of blankets, inside a cavernous photo studio on the 24th floor of 1 World Trade Center, and declared war on Donald Trump.“Since no Democratic or liberal politician has yet stepped forward out of the morass of Politics Inc.At 58, Olbermann is about the same age Cincinnatus is thought to have been when those senators arrived. In 2007, Olbermann bought a condo in Trump Palace on the Upper East Side for .2 million, and he says Trump checked in to make sure he liked the apartment. “And I got a fan letter from him once.”Olbermann says they first crossed paths in 1984, when Olbermann was a young sportscaster and Trump was the loud new owner of the New Jersey Generals, a team in the United States Football League, which folded in 1986 after only three seasons.And of course, as he sees it, he’s leading the fight against an unprecedented evil that threatens to corrupt and corrode the American way of life. Two decades later, Trump joined Olbermann under NBC’s corporate umbrella, as the star of “The Apprentice,” which first aired in January 2004 — the year Bush was re-elected, and the year before “Countdown” became a beacon for millions of liberal fans.

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