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Morse/Boldly Go Institute) Men stjernedød går ikke fredeligt for sig.Jo større stjernen er, des mere kraftfulde udbrud, og med en massefylde på hver især 90 og 30 gange Solens masse kan de to stjerner i Eta Carinae lave et spektakulært lysshow.Through the hillbilly music of the 1920s, the honky-tonk of the Forties and Fifties, the Bakersfield movement of the Sixties, bluegrass, Western swing, outlaw and contemporary pop, country songs still continue to break our hearts.Like no other musical genre, country stories of loss and heartbreak turn the old “tear in my beer” cliché into a sad, salty reality.

Throughout this album, Presley gives us rock n roll versions of songs from the previous decades, further pushing that evolution.Sun released ten of these songs as singles in the mid 50s; His debut album from 1956 on RCA Victor collected some of the others.This is a great collection, even with the less than stellar environment and recording equipment at Sun at the time.So grab a few tissues and check out our list of the 40 saddest country songs ever written.'s Greatest Country Songs of All Time) is about spousal abuse, Mc Bride's 2002 track "Concrete Angel" details the abuse of a little girl at the hands of her mother: "She hides the bruises with linen and lace." Toward the end of the song the narrator describes "somebody [crying] in the middle of the night," while the neighbors try to ignore it. Well, while the song doesn't (the "concrete angel" in question is a grave marker), but its legacy does.

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