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Can I please have some insight as to why the JLabels never update and display their information? If the text starts out as "", and you've created it with new JLabel(""), the width of the JLabel may be initialized to 0 and then none of your text would show up when you update it.

I believe I've had that sort of problem in the past.

As a test, try using new JLabel("aaaaaaaaaa") or some longer string to create the label, then set Text(""); then later, when you set Text(something Else), see if that causes text to show up.

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In the project I am currently working on I have several pieces of information that I would like to make visible via Jlabel.

There are a few buttons and textfields elsewhere in the GUI that allow for altering said information I would like to update the JLabel but the text never changes, or updates upon startup.

I have attempted to use concurrency to update the labels, as suggested in other questions on this site, but I have had no luck with the labels updating.

i set the label to public and i tried to invoke set Text() on it from the other class, but it doesnt change it in the GUI.

i printed the get Text() method of the label and it's identical to what i tried to set it to be, but it just isnt displaying the correct text.

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