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Personal growth, the environment, that little voice within that simply grew louder, and the universe showing me it was time to move on,” she wrote in a Facebook post.

The 38-year-old added that going solo would give her more control over her career.“I’ve always believed that to grow, as a person and as an actor, I need to welcome challenges, in this case find new challenges.

I’ve always believed in the need to renew and reinvent the self, and reignite the passion along the way,” she added.

I pretty much like the mixture of romance and a little bit of magic in the drama.

After a year of forgettable roles, Aw was asked to join Mediaworks' rival TV station for her talents, Media Corp in 2002.

She is currently managed by Artiste Networks and Media Corp. She changed her stage name from Aw Ee-Ping to the much simpler Ou Xuan.

Jeanette’s first breakthrough role came in the form of a simple-minded but kind-hearted Mo Jingjing in the long-running drama "Holland V" in Year 2003.

Her meteoric rise was evident in her reception of the Best Newcomer Award in 2002, and Best Actress nominations in the 20 Star Awards for her roles in Holland Village and A Child's Hope 2 respectively.

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