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In 1982, a multi- disciplinary expedition was initiated to study these and other problems at the Shiqmim village and mortuary complex located in the northern Negev desert of Israel (fig. Located along the semi-arid/arid northern Negev interface, the Shiqmim village-mortuary complex presents an ideal outdoor laboratory for investigating all of these problems. However, relatively few research projects have been designed specifically to examine these kinds of questions at one research locale. 9.5 hectares) village site is associated with the only known Chalcolithic burial ground in the Negev to date. The Brentwood Station blog is a great resource for this project as well as SOLO District across the street: By Grant Granger - Burnaby News Leader A concept plan for the massive redevelopment of Brentwood Town Centre that could take 30 years to complete will go to a public hearing Aug. A report to city council this week said Shape Properties is proposing a concept that would be a complete redevelopment of the 28-acre Brentwood mall site.If it is carried out, it would have up to 11 residential high rises and two office towers ranging from 25 to 70 stories, townhouses, a large amount of retail at ground level and a public plaza for year-round activity. I could see the Brentwood district developing into another "Metrotown." This is a HOT site .....

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The current mall is not in the short term plans, but it is intended to be redeveloped eventually. Finally, we are indebted to the Israel Defence Forces for their support and encouragement.​Online dating sites are the perfect place to meet your match and even find your soulmate!During the 1979 survey (6), the authors discovered the extensive Chalcolithic burial grounds stretching for over 800 m along a series of Eocene chalk hills adjacent to the Shiqmim village. Funding for the project was kindly provided by the National Geographic Society (Research Grant Nos. The Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society provided travel grants for Shiqmim staff members in 19. In that same year test excavations were carried out in both the Shiqmim village and the mortuary complex (7).

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