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Genome-wide transcriptional profiles were generated from peripheral blood leukocytes sampled at baseline and 3 months following initiation of treatment.Results: Escitalopram daily doses ranged between 10-20 mg; memantine daily doses ranged between 10-20 mg.This model may provide endpoints for identification of early windows of opportunities for preemptive tailored interventions.Keywords: Early Life Adversity, Glucocorticoids, Insulin Resistance, Glutamate, Memory Function Disclosure: Nothing to disclose.

Secondary measures included apathy, quality of life, and cognition.There exists unique baseline and post-treatment gene signatures that predicted response to combination escitalopram-memantine compared to escitalopram-placebo treatment.Furthermore, bioinformatics analysis of differentially expressed gene targets indicates unique and synergistic mechanisms of action mediating antidepressant response in monotherapy and memantine augmentation.Background: Geriatric depression is frequently associated with mild cognitive impairment (MCI), which responds poorly to antidepressant monotherapy.Furthermore, comorbid depression in patients with cognitive impairment appears to accelerate the neurodegenerative process, accelerating conversation to dementia.

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