James and i have been dating 4 months female georgia

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The temperature was 110 degrees and the road was too hot for her feet without shoes.

Nowhere - instead we are treated to a, supposed, comical scene of her trying to hide the fact she's bought the liquor. It's like the film makers felt the movie had gotten too heavy at that point and needed some comic relief. The Mormon aspect was dealt with poorly too - the guy's issues with not having pre-marital sex rang false - an LDS (Mormon) church member, who was raised in the church, would know the reason why pre-marital sex is frowned upon, not just that it would "make God mad." The writer seems to know no more about the LDS religion and beliefs than some person told him - and he seemed to do no more in-depth research about it.The love life of Charlotte is reduced to an endless string of disastrous blind dates, until she meets the perfect man, Kevin.Unfortunately, his merciless mother will do anything to destroy their relationship.Rachel shakes up the town, a beautiful girl in the boring Mormon country.Then she reveals her deepest secret to one of her new friends, and her mother comes rushing back to find out if its true.

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