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I’m 99% sure that our mom knows, but her and our dad are separated so I don’t know how much they talk right now.A bunch of shit went down on Thanksgiving, and our dad basically “outed” us to our entire family.Afterwards, we got a lot of phone calls from relatives who either tip-toed around asking us what was going on, or called to tell us how disappointed in us they were about how we “treated” our father.Our mother heard all of this, and is either in denial or didn’t put the pieces together completely.04/24/2019 I have to get this off my chest and this energy away from me, so....My older sister used to rape my two sisters when they were younger and yes she knew what she was doing b/c she’s 6 years older than all of us.Our fathers were close but our mothers were extremely competitive. They don’t have to catch you in the act, but they catch you looking at each other a little too long and laughing at inside jokes.So we were never really “friends” per se growing up. You act like lovers and not friends and everyone knows it’s going on even if they don’t want to believe it. Siblings keep their relationship a secret: Yes, with my sister.

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She showed me how to make her orgasm with her vibrator.

When everything came out about it, she denied it and my Parents took my older sisters side on everything.

I never was touched by her but seeing how it has affected my two sisters really makes me hate her to no end, I know God says to forgive but I could never forgive her for that, ever.

In all but two states, incest is considered a crime in the US. But every time that we see each other in family reunions, there is no awkwardness.

But the definition of what constitutes incest—and the punishments for committing it—vary widely from one jurisdiction to another. These are real incest stories reported by individuals who have experienced it. Distant cousins: Me and my distant cousin drunkenly made out/cuddle and now I have lots of fantasies with her in it. First cousins who dated: There wasn’t really any actual sexual activity but it still counts so here we goo. We hadn’t seen each other in 10 years and when we finally saw each other, it was… We were shy around each other but after a few weeks, we started this flirtationship, which then turned into a relationship. He’d call me over and we would just talk about the failed relationship. An aggressive cousin: My cousin has repeatedly texted me asking me for boob pics.

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