Husband separated weeks dating

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Interestingly enough, Justine Musk also said that she actually really liked Talulah Riley, as they communicated during the divorce proceedings.

By 2010, Riley and Musk were married, The Independent reports.

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During a Rolling Stone profile of Musk, Riley even made an appearance.

Married: 2010 Divorced 2012 Justine Musk told Marie Claire that just six weeks after her husband filed for divorce, he told her he was newly engaged to Talulah Riley.

Riley’s an American actress, and she moved to Los Angeles to be closer to her fiance at the time.

Rumors resurfaced that Heard and Musk may have been back together in early 2018.

However, by February 2018, People says they called it quits for good, though they remained on fine terms.

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