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Obviously the trigger work will need to be polished, when I get ambitious again 'cause right now I don't feel like tearing into it again I reloaded a few rounds with 240JSP and 9.2grs of AA#2/large rifle primers, from the Lee reloading manual, over the weekend we'll see how well they'll behave through this rifle.gcp: The trigger pull on your rifle isn't so heavy as all that. More important than the weight of pull is the smoothness of the letoff, and how well the trigger return spring cushions the backlash after the sear lets go. It's fashionable these days to make fun of the 'liability trigger', but the reason people have sued over light trigger mishaps is because they aren't as safe as heavy ones. Primer impact is a known component of accuracy in shooting.

I have an old Winchester with a very smooth solid trigger action that surprises me every time I fire it. You need a good solid whack on the firing pin, to get the primer and charge up to full power every time.

This project was not easy because I took the trigger group completely apart, as well as the hammer.

Replacing the hammer spring was easy enough by using both of my hands for compressing it while my wife stuck a small size hex wrench into the hole.

It seems by disassembling and reassembling I've gone up a bit. Not my best wood work, plus it took me about 3 hours so it proved deceptively more difficult to complete them.But I had this chunk of flamed maple I felt compelled to do something with, and what better Saturday evening exercise than to dress up my new Vaquero (guess I'm dating my self ).There will be the occasional 'tough' primer, too, probably just as the buck of a lifetime walks by.I'd shoot it 'as is' for a while, it might surprise you by a) smoothing up and becoming lighter as you shoot it and b) you might find that as a field gun, the heavier pull makes more sense safety and accuracy-wise. BTW, I like the standard 240gr bullet for my reloading (I've mostly used the Hornady HP.) Seems like the gun will shoot best with the load around which it was designed by the makers, and not too many beasts will walk away from a 240 delivered at 1500 or so fps.slabsides, all of your points are dead on, thank you for sharing.

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