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Such information, used in conjunction with details concerning agents of decay, possible treatments and correct storage and display conditions, should ensure that appropriate conservation management strategies are adopted.There is a deliberate concentration on material types as opposed to types of objects.Apart from the obvious health issues, smoking is not recommended in these areas because of the risk of damage from either fire or smoke.Another important issue is the level of access to artefacts.Although the emphasis of this book is on preventive conservation, hands-on treatments will be necessary for some materials.For this reason specific treatment regimes are described.

Thus many new techniques cannot be applied by general collectors and small institutions.

Extreme caution should be exercised in applying these treatments however and professional assistance is recommended in most cases.

The Western Australian Museum's Department of Materials Conservation has had a commitment to an outreach program since its inception.

Similarly a painting on display in a home or gallery may deteriorate more if placed into a less favourable museum storage environment.

There is no point in spending time and materials to treat an object if it is returned to the same conditions which led to the original deterioration.

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