Google validating mx records

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The steps mentioned here will help to meet up your goal.We will focus on the MX record change in three sections: Google recommends creating (or updating) the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record(s) to ensure valid authentication for outbound email.For customers migrating to G Suite, moving existing Mail Exchange (MX) DNS records to G Suite for hygiene and email routing is often a prerequisite.During this change, our goal is to limit user impact as much as possible.To get started using Cloud DNS, refer to the Quickstart.

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A public zone is visible to the public Internet, while a private zone is visible only from one or more VPC networks that you specify.

Private zones enable you to create split horizon DNS configurations because you can create a private zone with a different set of DNS records, specific to your VPC network.

Every Cloud DNS resource lives within a project and every Cloud DNS operation must specify the project to work with., for example).

A project can have multiple managed zones, but they must each have a unique name.

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