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According to recent research, the new perfectly acceptable number of sex partners to have had is seven.That's down a sad three people from the "Goldilocks number" announced earlier this year. because the lucky-number-seven study also reported that while most people miraculously claim to have had that exact number of partners, nearly half of all the respondents The fact that people lie about their sex lives may come as little or no surprise to, you know, everyone.That's the time frame the study found is most palatable to men and women.It makes sense; if your sexual past is going to drive you apart, best to have that happen before you get too attached -- or worse, move whether you've got a recently clean bill of health.going to come clean to your SO about your record, it's best to do it within the first four months.According to the numbers, women are 5% more likely than men to decrease the number of sexual partners they've had -- while men inflate their sexual resumés twice as often as women.Women consider men Lotharios if they've bedded 15 people or more.

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Full disclosure: I'm 27, and I can tally the number of my sexual partners on two hands.

Honesty may be the best policy, but only if you're OK being single.

Those of you whose sexual histories have an extended BC (before couple!

When we talk about women's sex numbers, however, things get a little less Beyoncé-approved.

Since the '60s, sexual liberation has seen an upturn in popularity.

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