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Some backstory: He was in solitary for getting caught tattooing inmates. He asked for additional stuff like colored pencils.

Joked with him about making all that tattoo ink, but couldn't do it again. Told him that whatever he used to make it, if he got caught with the contraband, it'll be forgiven.

I was really interested in seeing an inmate get the tools they wanted and get away with it, but wasn't going to get him into further trouble.

A black pen and pencil was swiped from a guard's desk.

You fling your keys out the window and chug beer before the cop says anything, theoretically you’ll spend a night in the station with a drunken disorderly but will avoid the OUI.

The idea being you are clearly not going to drive since you hucked your keys and they can’t prove you were drunk beforehand.

BIGGEST MISTAKE EVERAnd i asked how he didnt kill any of those people he dealt with.. Entrapment is making someone do something illegal that they wouldn't normally do on their own.

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Do you wanna see horny moms looking for sex on the street and being picked up by MILF hunters?The most important thing we have to do is learn how to separate the job from our personal life. My wife is a cop so when I do have a bad day, I can talk to her about it because she "gets it". Inmate on second tier demanded more medication and said "if I don't get em I'm going to jump". Knowing he is drunk I order him to move his vehicle from the street.If he was coming home the same everyday, that means he either learned how to do it. All of us have to have someone that we can tell our thoughts to. He does as instructed and then I arrest him for drinking and driving.This took about two weeks for him to get everything he needed, including a lighter to melt the candies. This was a county jail, and he was released about two months later.I don’t know if this is what he was trying but a strategy me and my dumbass hs friends used to joke about was this.

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