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But whether touching some screen buttons or not, about 10 seconds after the appearance of the standard "Warning" screen, my 750 shuts down. The nuvi is still recognizable as a drive when USBed to a computer, though. But be sure to have your Favorites backed up since they may be lost during the reset. Thanks, Mary For map updates, Garmin requires the most current firmware to be on the device.

So I saw today that the Nuvi 7XX has a new firmware release. Hopefully someone can assist you with rolling back the firmware upgrade. Had to delete then re-install mapsource to cure the problem.

I made the mistake of downloading it on to my Nuvi 760. While on the phone with a tech rep the line was disconnected. Never had a problem with a software download until this one. I only took my firmware up to 4.8 on my 780 after reading of issues with 4.9... Here's the scoop: Change History Changes made from version 4.90 to 5.10: Added the ability to select a single-tone safety camera alert. Corrected Hands-Free Points of Interest dialing in Australia. Admittedly, could be a coincidence but it sure is odd that I never had a problem with mapsource prior to this. In the next week, I plan to use my 750 with 5.1 around town to see how it works, both with routes, custom POIs with alerts and a Tour Guide.

Now the unit just shuts-off about 10 seconds after turning on the unit. I immediately called back, and got a recording that Garmin's offices are now closed. Added a Troubleshoot button in the Bluetooth menu when Bluetooth is enabled. Corrected Address search problems that occur when more than one map was loaded on the device. Corrected an issue where voice language selections were lost after charging the battery. id=3813 nuvi 780 No specific download for this unit. id=3815 Note: Hardware is the same across all 7x0 series units except for the 750 which does not have Bluetooth and the 770 which has 4GB memory for transatlantic maps. I'll be able to test everything except traffic since my nearest traffic area is about 125 miles from home.

Garmin is the leading GPS navigation, communication and solar devices developer in the world.

Among its popular products are Garmin Nüvi, Garmin Street Pilot and Garmin Zumo (for motorcyle) series of automobile in-vehicle GPS receiver and navigation unit.

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