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Wherever their coin lands, they must tell a story about that topic for two minutes. Give each team a pre-prepared list of things to produce from their purses and pockets.If a coin lands between two squares, the player can choose which story to share. As they find the items, they yell out, show that they have the item, and receive a point. The following is a sample list of things to ask the teams to produce: This fun party icebreaker is an excellent choice at the dinner table while guests are waiting to be served or after the meal is eaten.Give a prize to the guest who places their arrow the closest to the middle of the heart.The goal in this party icebreaker game is to identify the sniper. Count out as many cards as you have guests, making certain one is a joker.Set a time limit – five minutes is good – and then have each player empty their stocking and then check to see how many of their guesses were correct.The winner is the person with the most items guessed correctly.

Have each guest take a turn, tossing a coin at the grid.

Icebreakers for parties make guests feel comfortable and help them become acquainted with each other.

Use them at the beginning of your party or anytime the momentum slows down.

Some of our party icebreakers are easy and some take some advance preparation, but we chose all to liven up your party.

Make sure to keep in mind the ages and personalities of your group of the guests when you choose your icebreakers.

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