Free sex talk or chat for all ages

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Providing easy and anonymous access to millions of people at the click of a button, AOL chat rooms were a favorite for digitally-inclined dirty talkers.

Some of history’s best-known writers and most brilliant minds are guilty of sending coquettish correspondence.

Some cam sites feature paid models who perform shows for guests, while others match singles together to engage in cybersex.

Chat Roulette, a video chat site pairing individuals with strangers, became prevalent in 2009 and, while innocent in nature, often resulted in anonymous sex chatting.

From a bounty of pornography to instant virtual communication, a digital avenue for information sharing opened a whole new world of scandalous opportunities.

Email, officially dubbed as such in 1993, was the next great frontier, providing determined chatters with a private, immediate, and easy-to-use outlet for sex chat.

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