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Candy's Black Cock Threesome Last weekend we went bike riding and stopped by our usual riding waterhole .It’s very popular bar with the weekend bikers (not biker gangs, but mostly professional people that like to put on their Harley gear and ride on the weekends).I had really enjoyed sex with Davis, he was considerate, kind and a good lover.I was completely besotted with him and would do whatever he asked of me.I was surprised to see Black men since as far as I knew; none of my girlfriends even knew a Black man. Click here to read the rest of this sex story and see how this party turns into an interracial gangbang Wife Asserts Herself Part 1 Sex Story Life had been good to us up to now, married 3 years, good jobs and all that went with them.I gave a quick glance at one of my girlfriends who just smiled coyly and introduced me to JD and Tyrone. So far we had no children but our sex life was good and still in the honeymoon phase with us shagging about 4 times a week.I had a lot of guys asking to do all sorts of things to me, but I never did anything with any of them.I would come home and tell my hubby about what they had asked me to do and before I would know it we would be fucking and both talking about me getting gangbanged.

Click here to read the rest of this Hot Wifes story Wife Asserts Herself Part 2 Sex Story Several weeks have passed since the first time, my wife is now head of the advertising dept and the money is rolling in, so much so that she told me I would have to give up work and stay home in the future.

Sandy had decided that it would be my role now to look after the house, clean and generally wait on her, she would become the bread winner.

Click here to read the rest of Wife Asserts Herself over cuckold husband sex story Bride to Be I Erotic Story I was 23 years old and was getting married to Dean in a weeks time.

No sooner had he finished than Bill (My fiancés best friend.) was between my legs and fucking me for all he was worth.

I thought, well he doesn't know it's me with this mask on.

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