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They expect to work harder than any prior generation, but they also expect that their salaries match their effort. Making a positive impact Philanthropists at heart, Generation Z wants to work for companies that are making a positive impact.

They want to know the companies they work for are good corporate citizens and are doing good for the communities in which they operate.

An employee’s refusal to commit an illegal act, reporting an employer’s illegal act (i.e., whistleblowing), or exercising a legal right (e.g., voting) are all favored by public policy and may not be used as a basis for termination. Most of the prohibitions on termination that we’ve discussed require the employer to take some conscious (often contentious) action.

For employers, employment at will obviously provides great latitude concerning staff management and it can help facilitate decisions related to seasonal and holiday workers, outsourcing, probationary periods, and policy effectiveness.

The federal Employee Polygraph Protection Act, for example, prevents termination for refusal to take a lie detector test.

First Amendment rights While the First Amendment to the U. Constitution broadly protects freedom of speech, the Constitution generally regulates only government activities and its application to private employers is therefore limited.

It is also generally alright for a company to respond to such refusal with a termination letter.

But there are situations where non-cooperation is not proper grounds for terminating an employee at will.

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