Executive dating in israel

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Nati falls in love with Tehila but cannot convince her to see him for she vowed to remain single until Azaria finds a new partner.Nati encourages Reut to date Azaria, who begins to exploit her for her money.After becoming drunk, he confesses that he does not love her and she abandons him.Tehila starts seeing Nati; he is finally ready to commit and proposes to her, and she seems to accept. He cancels his own planned wedding and asks her to marry him instead.Reut returns from India after six months, after missing Amir and Yifat's wedding, as well as her sister Elisheva's wedding, who is now pregnant.Reut begins to date Roi, only to have Roi later reveal that he is a homosexual, to Nati's surprise.Unsure, she decides to keep dating him and sees another man simultaneously.Hodaya profanes the Sabbath for the first time in her life and then lets Avri drive her to the beach, where she tells him the truth. Although intending to consummate her relationship with Avri, Hodaya flinches at the last moment, and she decides to end their romance, stating that the differences between them are too great.

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Nati falls in love with Dafna, a divorced mother who works in his hospital as a medical clown, though he leaves her after realizing he cannot cope with raising her son.Amir and Yifat prepare to take their newborn son home.In 2005, the Gesher Multicultural Film Fund announced its intention to create a picture about religious-secular relations and held a contest for a script.Hodaya backs off once more, just a few days before the ceremony, leaving him heartbroken.Amir becomes friends with a boy at his yeshiva and goes to work in a ranch in the Negev with him for a few weeks.

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