Entourage not updating mailbox

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Is it an issue related to the antivirus affecting the user's specific mailboxes?I've removed the user's profile and recreated it already. I've just tried deleting the OST file from the user's harddrive that's just become affected.I've disabled the antivirus on the server, now when I opened the mail file it only populates to January 30 2007.

We're running Outlook 2003 in cached mode on both devices.

i've tried the standard troublehsooting YHMadmin has tried (outlook profiles/ new OST/ log on as affected user on different PC/ updating service packs / disabling AV on Exchange server) save the last portion with exmerging mailbox. access via non-cached mode and Treo / Goodlink were fine. The other person found a bad / corrupt email message which after deleted allowed cached mode to work again. there are two corrupt files in these users mailboxes. I can't seem to find them to delete them because it's called "attached image" and it could be anywhere in their thousands of emails.

I wasn't successful in moving the affected mailboxes to another store/server so I broke down and did the eseutil repair on the affected store. i'm waiting for the other user to get back from a trip to verify that it fixed for him as well.

Running ESEUTIL to repair the Mailbox Store on the Exchange server is actually one of the worst things one can do to an Exchange server.

Yes, it can repair stuff, but it can also toss out important system rows and actually lead to more corruption.

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