Effective communication leveling validating ecuador dating culture

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When using probing questions, TED can become your best friend.

TED stands for three simple words that will help you get the answers you are looking for: Tell, Explain and Describe.

This gives the customer a feeling that you are helping them and getting results.

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This is very much dependent on good rapport building and listening skills.Step 1: Asking Open Questions – Try to start with open questions about the subject at hand, as this will give you all the information you require to take the conversation further.Step 2: Asking Probing Questions – These are the questions which will allow you to delve deeper into the customer’s answers to your open questions, finding out the reasons and emotions behind those answers.Some other tips for building rapport, such as repeating the customer’s problem, are great for helping you to create probing questions unique to the customer’s situation, but this does take time.For those that seem to be in a rush, you can frame the conversation differently.

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