Dropbox not updating on computer

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Also I should mention that the icon on the document has the little green tick on it showing that Dropbox is not in the process of doing a transfer.

Also the Dropbox icon in my system tray also has the green tick - so Dropbox is not busy transferring some other file(s).

Wait for the process to finish, and all your videos will be saved to your Cloud storage with a compressed format by taking small space.

Now that you've successfully backed up files to Dropbox cloud account.

Surely there must be some option to say please update this file - but can find no such thing. I should point out that my wireless internet connection is a little intermittent - could this have caused some glitch?

By the way I do not leave the old file open in word on my Windows-7 PC as I can well imagine that would cause trouble.

And do you know how to fix and repair Dropbox back to work again?

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Dropbox is not syncing files or not allowing you to sync desktop files to your Dropbox cloud account? Here this page will show you how to effectively backup files to Dropbox even when it stops syncing and fix Dropbox not syncing error in Windows 10 with simple clicks.Dropbox, by default, syncs everything to all of your computers. If you have Dropbox installed on multiple computers, or share an account with family members, there might be folders synced to the service that you don’t want on all of your machines—especially if you’re low on hard drive space.Happily, Dropbox lets you choose which folders sync to which computers. Click the “Account” tab in this window and press the button labeled “Selective Sync”.To fully repair and fix Dropbox not syncing error, you'll need to follow below 4 steps to get all issues fixed and make it sync files normally again: Step 1. Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. This usually works fine - but sometimes I find that the file does not get updated on my windows7 PC. I edit the file on my Windows XP machine, then go to my Windows 7 PC and see that there is a previous, old, datestamp on the file and sure enough if I open up the file to have a look, I see that the latest edits are not included.

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