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Yet the negative connotation associated with this phenomenon is no longer appropriate.

Over the last decade, it has become possible to browse online photos and personal details of thousands of potential mail order brides, with these women located throughout Russia, Ukraine and the other republics of the former USSR, plus Asia and Latin America all of whom can be emailed instantly.

In Asia, many international brides coming from developing countries in the continent are faced with unemployment, malnutrition and inflation, with the majority of them hailing from the Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Taiwan and China; however, economic factors are not the only driving force for Asian girls to enter the mail order industry.

The concept of contracting for a picture bride sight unseen originated over 100 years ago, from Japan to Hawaii, China to California and Europe to the Midwest.

One group got a Dove Dark Chocolate bar every day for two weeks.

Like other dark chocolate bars with high-cocoa content, this one is loaded with something called epicatechin.

Now here is a medical experiment you would love to volunteer for.

Engler's team divided 21 healthy adults into two groups.

"It is likely that the elevated blood levels of epicatechin triggered the release of active substances that ... Better blood flow is good for your heart." Not all chocolate is created equal.

The second group that didn't get Dove bars wasn't totally left out. Blood vessel stiffness indicates diseased vessels and possible atherosclerosis.

Those who got the full-flavonoid chocolate did significantly better. Blood tests showed that high levels of epicatechin were coursing through their arteries.

But chocolate companies have now learned to make dark chocolate that keeps up to 95% of its flavoniods. Can't you get more and better flavoniods from other foods?

Surprisingly, the answer is "not really." Engler says that dark chocolate "Many people don't realize that chocolate is plant-derived, as are the fruits and vegetables recommended for a healthy heart," Engler says.

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