Dating wedding thank you cards

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And I give you permission to use the same puzzle for every guest (as long as there's a personal note to go with it)--if you made custom games for each person in attendance, you'd never get those babies out on time!How are you making your wedding thank-you notes memorable?It is acceptable to mail the notes before the big day.

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Brides who receive gifts before their wedding day can get a head start.

When guests see their faces in the group of pictures, they'll feel special. What was your favorite interaction with them at the wedding--or before?

I had forgotten to put a stamp on one of Paul's cousin's RSVP cards, so I joked about my flightiness in her card--and included a stamp! Corny as it sounds, I think the idea to do message bubbles on our wedding thank-you cards came to me in a dream. It worked with the lighthearted mood I was trying to set at our wedding and was a bit more interesting than tucking in a plain ol' wedding photo. Lots of different tokens symbolize gratitude in various cultures.

“Older brides, 40 and up, tend to be more traditional,” she says.

“Younger brides like a more rustic look.”Elevee carries higher-end brands in house, including Crane & Co.—“the gold standard for formal correspondence,” Bailey says—and trendy Vera Wang.

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