Dating song cast of disaster movie

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The huge Van Norman dam was severely damaged and came close to total failure; luckily it held – more than 100,000 people lived downstream.

For millions of traumatised Angelenos, this latest quake was too close for comfort. Lang was a well-known and well-respected producer working for Universal, the studio behind.

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Meanwhile, Yong-Nam's mother Hyun-Ok (Ko Du-Shim) is set to turn 70-years-old and she will have a birthday celebration at a convention hall.At his mother's birthday celebration, Yong-Nam sees Ui-Joo (Yoona).She works as an assistant manager at the convention hall.His career had not been without perquisite colour, however: at one point in the 1950s he’d been shot in the leg by a fellow producer convinced that Lang was having an affair with his actress wife.Something of a larger-than-life character, and ever the showman, in 1971 Lang had ambitions to replicate .

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