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Prevost said she lost 50 pounds on her own through diet and exercise and reached her weight loss goal five months early.

A year later, she is still trying to collect her grant.

Go Public has been flooded with messages from some who say when it came time to deliver, the so-called Weight Loss Grants Program wouldn't pay out, or dragged customer claims out for months before cutting a cheque.

During our investigation, we heard from dozens of dissatisfied customers unhappy with the program run by a private, for-profit company.

Go Public found the two companies shared an address for years and have a senior manager who works for both companies.

In emails and letters to clients, George Scodras refers to himself as the director of operations of Dalewood and of the Weight Loss Grants Program.

He was also listed as director of operations for Dalewood on its website, until Go Public started asking questions about his connection to both companies.

"You can't change the rules like that in the middle and deny me my claim based on something that you implemented after the fact," Prevost said.

(Keith Burgess/CBC) Dalewood is now in the process of changing its name to Trillium Weight Loss.

It turns out Dalewood and the Weight Loss Grants Organization are connected.

The image on the right is a screen-grab of the same page after Go Public started asking questions about George Scodras, who works for both Dalewood and the Weight Loss Grants Organization. All references to Scodras have since been removed from the Dalewood website, while the Trillium website lists him as a "managing consultant." We asked the Weight Loss Grants Organization how much it has paid out in grants since the program started in 2015, and why so many people have complained about not getting money they thought they were due.

"The total number of grants paid out as of April 30th, 2019, is 3,552.71 (according to info given to me)," Dalewood spokesperson Marissa Mayles wrote in an email to Go Public.

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