Dating relationships mental health

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It doesn't matter if your self-care is yoga from You Tube or writing raps — you need it. The best thing you can do is give that to yourself.Just let your partner know what things you do to deal. If you find yourself giving up all of your time to "relationship things" and rarely doing things that you know keep YOU going?It's so hard to adequately care for yourself and dish out attention to your partner at the same time.Your partner might also feel additional stress since dating someone with a mental illness has its own difficulties and requires more patience.If you're in a long-term relationship, it's better to disclose your health condition when you are well than to conceal it until an acute episode.This is different from simply telling them that you're dealing with depression or that you have OCD.

Whether your partner decides to be out or to stay yours, you will be glad you got that moment behind you.And while I'm not an expert on mental health, nor making scientifically backed suggestions, here are just a few pointers on dealing with love when you have a mental illness that have worked for the proactive move that can save your relationship.Counseling is still a privilege not everyone has access to, so double check your health care package to see if it covers therapy.If you do not have insurance, then many therapists offer income-based sessions so look one up in your area.

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