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Is there a reference anywhere for dating old RAC badges?

I've a fair selection, some metal, some plastic, all different ages, but it'd be handy to put something together to enable them to be dated reasonably accurately.

Two variants were in their fleet - the AA "Road Service Outfit" and the AA "Night Road Service Outfit", the latter apparently painted in brighter colours and with extra lamps by the look of it. This book was published a few times, although most seem to be the later softback version rather than this hardback book, with dust jacket, that came out in '31.

Amazingly, in 2018 I received an email containing news of another badge, of the same style as the one shown above, that had also been dug up in a field. More amazingly though was that the unique membership number stamped upon this latest find, is just 6 further on from that shown on the previous example.RJ_________________Rick (OCC Admin) Various 1920s-1960s - Austin, Morris, Commer, Dodge etc.'Badges of the Royal Automobile Club' by Joan Williamson published 1999 ISBN 0 9535476 0 4 is the book you need Rick. Automotive car badges by manufacturer, we have put together a collection of badges and emblems both modern and classic to suit most applications.The 'new' AA badge find is numbered V32967, and was found on church land.Badge number 56387L, shown below, was found beneath the seat of a car I own.

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