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Criminal proceedings initiated in Argentina On 6 August 2013, a criminal lawsuit was initiated in Argentina against those responsible for the Paraguayan dictatorship, through the principle of Universal Jurisdiction.As a result, Case 7300/2013 was opened by Argentine Federal Court No. Subsequently, on 8 April of this year, the Native Aché Federation of Paraguay also joined the case as plaintiffs for crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity committed against their community in Paraguay.Particularly distressing was the sale of many indigenous children to Paraguayan families, most of whom ended up working as domestic servants with no identity.

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The result was a veritable ethnic cleansing of the new farming region, with the community’s transfer to the settlement.

Once there, many were forced to work as virtual slave labour, particularly on the farms in the case of the men.

The report was sent to the State Attorney General to commence criminal proceedings but, to date, no case has been opened, which is why the Aché community are now bringing a case through the Argentine courts by virtue of the principle of Universal Jurisdiction, as the only way of achieving the necessary truth, justice and reparation.

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