Dating oil lamps

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Gone with the Wind (GWTW) lamps have matching glass shades and bases and generally also have matching hand painted motifs on both.Most commonly, the shades on these kerosene lamps are globes but dome or half shades are also found.As the name suggests, banquet oil lamps are generally quite grand, both in size and style.The tall stands mean that the light source is elevated well above the surface upon which the lamp is sitting. The majority of the banquet kerosene lamps produced in North America utilised removable slip fonts.Glass oil lamps enjoyed continuous popularity throughout the kerosene lighting era.From the 1850s through into the 1900s, they were made by many glass companies and in many sizes and designs.

A characteristic of the earlier fonts used with figural oil lamps is the extended shoulder style collars which cover much of the top of the font.

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Some bases are slate or soapstone but commonly they are cast iron and come in a variety of mouldings.

Most fonts are clear glass, though coloured glass is also seen. The greatest diversity of materials and form is exhibited in the stems.

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