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to sing the song “Scotty Doesn’t Know.” The song, by Lustra, is about a cuckolded young man who is not aware that the singer is screwing his girlfriend.

Matt Damon may have just replaced Andy Garcia as the least trustworthy celebrity."It's so crazy that it was some big bananas big deal that I had a little pot thing, and meanwhile you have to walk around the Emmys in a sea of drunken, terrifying, scary people.

The duo also performed the song on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! They also engaged in a two-month nationwide tour from September to November.

They released their third studio album, Sidewalksin November on the Fader Label.

While attending AFI's 41st Life Achievement Award Tribute to Mel Brooks in Hollywood on Thursday, June 6 with fiancee Molly Mc Nearney, Jimmy Kimmel bumped into ex-girlfriend Sarah Silverman.

I am just very sad that the powerful comedic duo with the genius behind “I’m fucking Matt Damon” and even funnier “I’m fucking Ben Affleck” is no more.

Matt has two cats, which are named "Kim" and "Kanye" because Kanye West once came.

Matt and Kim are an American indie electronic duo from Brooklyn, New York.

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Breakthrough with Grand[ edit ] Matt and Kim performing at Coachella in Matt and Kim were signed to the Fader Label in lateand Grand was released on January 20, The duo went on a 3-week North American tour in November to promote the album.

But while it seems remembers that romance, most have forgotten that Winona dated another fellow celeb several years back -- an up-and-coming actor named Matt Damon. looks back at what once was between her and mega-star Matt.

How They Met: It was none other than Gwyneth Paltrow -- the girlfriend of Matt's BFF Ben Affleck -- who introduced the two in December 1997.

The infamous feud between Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon may The bit really found its legs in when Kimmel's then-girlfriend, Sarah.

Often quoted as a tenor, Matt Bellamy's complete vocal range spans from G♯2 to C♯6, Bellamy started dating actress Kate Hudson in Spring .

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