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He liked to hold on to my keys every time he decided to storm out of my house or say I went to get my things, I mail your keys layer.But I didn't wait, I went to him because it was ridiculous. He pretended we were okay and one week later he strangled and sexually battered me..I'm leaving and after a thousand views without even being close to asking a woman out.I have a paid membership on the social dating website ZOOSK, and for the last few months I have been censored on my profile, not being allowed to post any text, even though I am following the guidelines with precision.You don't know if the other person is even able to send you a message. You're always getting BS messages such as someone wants to meet you, which you can't even reply to without paying more money.It is so easy to understand how it works, I am just sory that I had to pay for it.

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The majority of women have only one picture and no narrative.And finally, the biggest red flag and the point I'm going to talk about the most are three accounts that belonged to minors.One of these girls is a close friend's younger sister.Also you should give the availability to share pictures privately among members.While acclaimed as one of the better sites, Zoosk shares the same algorithms as the worst of them.

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