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Notable gem cutting styles included: As we’ve seen, families had memorial or hair jewelry created to commemorate departed loved ones.

This was a popular and very personal jewelry item during the Georgian period.

In 1750, the invention of the rolling mill eliminated the need to hammer the metal first into thin, uniform sheets.

The beautiful memorial bracelet below exemplifies repoussé.

(Today, this Neo-Classical Georgian jewelry is very much in demand).

The news and discoveries of Napoleon’s Egyptian campaign (1798-1799) brought pyramids and papyrus leaves as motifs into Georgian jewelry. Jewelers used diamonds almost exclusively until colored gemstones made a resurgence in 1750.

The 15k yellow gold double strand bracelet has links showing detailed metal work.

After 1750, the emergence of Rococo style brought open, light, and asymmetrical lines to jewelry.

Notable archeological discoveries as well as wars also affected Georgian jewelry motifs.

Historical events in France, Germany, and Italy also influenced Georgian jewelry motifs and designs.

Jewelers handcrafted all the jewelry of this period with incredibly labor-intensive processes.

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