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At one point, I finished a mission on the top floor of a decrepit apartment filled with crack-addled occupants.I started to head back downstairs to my car, then wondered: "Hey, what's up on the roof?Indeed, in a Hollywood-like cellphone irony, your girlfriend will often call to chat while you're in the middle of a gunfight or car chase.The game also lets you exercise a bit of your own moral code when you're given a few key opportunities to disobey your gangster bosses.We're not talking about pigeons, stunt jumps, glitches or Easter eggs either.We're talking about entire characters, whole missions, secret sex scenes and phonebooks worth of must-see trivia.

If you never hunted a sadistic serial killer, dated a sex-crazed socialite or researched Lazlow's criminal history, you need to read on... With a quick visit to, Carmen the nurse and Kiki the lawyer are also easily found.

– confronted a game so sprawling that no normal earthling could finish it (not even a friend of mine who was confined to bed with a broken leg for three weeks could go all the way).

But judging by my progress, you could get through in about 50 hours, doable for an adult who goes to a job and occasionally showers. In a city this vibrant, it's hard to stop getting distracted.

The Rockstar developers are utterly in love with the idea of the American city: the riot of decay and grandeur, the garish commercialism, the violence and beauty, the architectural delights hidden in every corner. As with previous games in the series, you play as a minor thug climbing the crime ladder by fulfilling missions.

But you can totally ignore the missions and simply go exploring, eavesdropping or conducting physics experiments by jumping motorcycles off rooftops.

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