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In the original, two complete strangers are taught one half of a dance routine and then go on a blind date where they dance.

Once they finish the dance, each partner walks away not yet having spoken a word to the other with the hope that they have done enough to warrant a second date.

In order to disregard all negative commentary that you receive, you must ignore what they are saying.

Let them express their opinion, but don’t give it a moment’s thought. Trying to please everyone is like trying to be a different person to everyone that you know or will meet.

Treat them like they aren’t even there and they’ll quickly go away. Everyone has a different personality; therefore different things will appeal to them.

If you try to please everyone, you will quickly find that it is an impossible task to accomplish.

You then try to please that person by apologizing and agreeing with them.

It is important to not let this kind of situation escalate.

If it escalates, you are just feeding the person who is expressing their opinion to you. If you stand up to them and try and argue with them, they’ll just keep arguing with you.

“The pick” then has to decide if they too liked “the picker.” The tweak adds a double-jeopardy, decision-point element to a format that is very warm-hearted, Wade said.

The Fox version is produced by Second Star, which produces the original, and All3Media America.

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