Dating female marines

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Airfields in the Western Pacific Ocean, 1941 (1 item). (7 items); Central America, 1904-35 (70 items); China, 1921-43 (75 items); Cuba, 1906-33 (35 items); Dominican Republic, 1916-33 (48 items); Haiti, 1915-34 (115 items); Ireland, n.d. 127.11 Motion Pictures (General) 1939-60 Unedited documentary black and white and color film footage from the U. Marine Corps Motion Picture and Television Archives, Quantico, VA, of significant activities of the Marine Corps, including combat footage from World War II and Korea, aviation, amphibious landings, and important military leaders, 1940-60 (2,913 reels); with supporting documentation (5 rolls of microfilm and 15,450 microfiche).

Marine Corps School maps of the Battle of Gettysburg, 1932 (1 item). (1 item); Korea, 1913-14 (1 item); Mexico, 1914-20 (6 items); Nicaragua, 1910-33 (215 items); and Venezuela, ca. Charts (3 items): Marine Corps organization, 1926-28. World War II training films and films of combat in the South Pacific, 1939-45 (21 reels).

127.10 Cartographic Records (General) 1883-1944 Maps: World War I published topographic maps of France and Germany, annotated to show operations of the 4th Marine Infantry Brigade, 1918-19 (213 items). Maps and Plans (627 items): Marine Corps installations in the United States, 1910-39 (51 items).

Published maps, some with annotations, relating to Marine Corps operations during World War II on Bougainville, Mono, Saipan, New Ireland, New Georgia, Rendova, and Kolobangara islands, 1942-44 (99 items). Manuscript and published maps and plans, relating to the Azores, 1918 (1 item); Caribbean, 1883, 1913-40, and n.d.

Reports of the Marine Officer's School, Port Royal, SC, 1910-11 (in Atlanta). General correspondence of the marine detachment at the American legation in Peiping, 1930-34. 127.9 Records of Marine Units 1914-49 Textual Records: Records of Fleet Marine Force, Pacific, including general correspondence, 1942-46; and "geographical" operation file ("Area File"), 1940-46.

127.8 Records of Expeditionary Forces and Detachments 1835-1949 127.8.1 Records of U. Marines in Haiti Textual Records: General correspondence, 1923, 1925; and intelligence reports, 1921-34, of the Gendarmerie d'Haiti and Garde d'Haiti. Geographical and subject files of the 2d Brigade, Fleet Marine Force, 1933-42.

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127.1 Administrative History Established: Under joint administrative control of the U. Formerly security-classified correspondence, 1907-36. Registers of courts-martial, 1897-1906, 1919-33; desertions, 1809-1907, 1910-41; discharges, 1829-1927; and deaths, 1838-1942. Reference copy available only at Marine Corps Historical Center, Washington Navy Yard, Washington, DC. 127.4 Records of The Paymaster's Department 1808-1939 Textual Records: Letters sent, 1808-14. Letters received, 1827-99, with gaps; and registers, 1870-99. General correspondence, 1918-42, with indexes, 1918-26, and filing guides, 1927-42. Textual Records: Records of the Marine Barracks, Boston (Charlestown), MA (in Boston), consisting of letters sent, 1828- 1912, with gaps; letters received, 1896-1913; orders, 1867-1905; muster rolls, 1825-1911, with gaps; reports, 1815-1913, 1937-38; and records of summary courts-martial, 1870-75.127.13 Still Pictures (General) 1870-1981 Photographs (197,904 images): History and activities of the Marine Corps, 1905-41 (G, 16,650 images; EX, 30 images), including photographs of artwork depicting events dating back to 1775.Commandants of the Marine Corps, 1941 (PC, 15 images), including photographs of portraits dating back to 1776.127.6 Records of The Marine Corps Finance Center 1968-73 Textual Records: Administrative directives and related manuals, 1968-73 (in Kansas City). Reports of a detachment stationed at the Marine Barracks, Key West, FL, 1898, and at the Marine Barracks, Norfolk, VA, 1899 (in Atlanta).127.7 Records of Marine Barracks and Other Shore Establishments in the United States 1802-1938 Finding Aids: Fred G. Reports of the Marine Barracks, New London, CT, 1910-11 (in Boston).

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